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Birdie products are fantastic bird toys. Made from holistic and safe materials, your new Birdie product will be sure to delight your feathery friend. The range consists of options suitable for the smallest of birds to the largest of parrots!


Hang this from the roof of you cage with the included clasp and watch your birds swing with joy! 18.5 x 16.5 x 2cm


Safe and fun toy that dangles from the top of your birds cage!


Made from woven natural baskets, filled with colourful shredded paper!


Fill the middle with your bird's favorite treats to encourage foraging and mental stimulation.


This wooden bird toy is made from dozens of chop sticks with a corn cob center


Great for birds that love to chew and shred


A fun and engaging Birdie toy is made from a variety of natural materials


Woven ball filled with paper plus wicker balls, natural shredding strips and a bell for added fun


Measuring approx 40 cm hanging length x 20 cm across


Hanging 65CM long, this jumbo block toy will keep your bird amused for hours.


Made from natural and biodegradable jute


Made from natural and biodegradable jute


Brightly coloured wicker balls & rope


This one features wooden shapes, dice, plastic shapes, and a bell!


Wide variety of texture, colours & shapes


Bring some great colour to your birds cage with this strong and safe toy!