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The Eco Tech Reptile Incubator allows you to set and maintain a constant temperature to will enable you to hatch a variety of reptile eggs. Shipping = Medium 1 Shot


Reptile Bedding and Substrate

Eco Tech Desert Sand Natural Red 10kg


  • 100% Natural Desert Sand
  • Replicates natural reptile environment
Shipping = In Store Only 


Features night time temperature reduction that simulates wild conditions and dimming control that prolongs the life of the heat source. Shipping = Small


The Eco Tech Exy Set Reptile Thermostat is an ideal basic thermostat for controlling heat mats, globes, cables and ceramic heat emitters. Shipping = Small


Controls the temperature and lighting in reptile, amphibian and invertebrate enclosures. Shipping = Small

Reptile Bedding and Substrate

Eco Tech Coco Peat 650gm (10 Litre Pack)


Compressed tropical terrarium substrate, this brick will make up to 10L when wet. Shipping = Small