If you’re thinking about adding a beloved pet to your family – you’ve come to the right place! Browse below to see which pets are available to adopt at Nick’s Pet Needs.
Please note colours, genders and breeds vary. Please call to confirm pet availability on 0732820128.


Whilst we are very proud to be able to offer shipping on most of our dry stock (Click here for full terms and conditions: LINK. ) we DO NOT offer shipping on livestock.

To minimise stress of transiting into their new environments, we avoid shipping livestock and offer in-store pick up only.

Holds and Payments:

Should you meet and fall in love with one of our pets available, we are able to hold them in your name on these terms and conditions:

  • You must complete a hold form, and agree to collect your pet by the agreed time-frame. Please note these forms are available in store. If no payment is made, the pet MUST be collected by close of business hours that day (Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm and 9am – 5pm on weekends) Failure to collect by close of business results in the hold being removed.

  • Should you decide to complete the hold form and make full payment, we will be able to hold your pet for 24 hours. Should you not collect your pet within 24 hours (and we have not heard from you) the hold will be removed and the payment forfeited.

  • Due to the nature of livestock, by signing the hold form you agree you understand that should that pet pass away, be stolen or misplaced you will not hold ill-will against Nick’s Pet Needs, and that any monies paid for the pet will be refunded to you.

  • You must be fully licensed (and able to prove this) to place a reptile on hold.

  • You are required to demonstrate an adequate enclosure and understanding of care for the pet you wish to purchase if asked by staff.

  • Please note no refunds will be given for change of mind on paid hold pets.





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