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Aquarium Cleaning Supplies Online Store

Keep your aquarium crystal clear and keep your fish feeling their best with Nick’s Pet Needs extensive range of aquarium cleaning and care supplies. We are an online store dedicated to providing the best aquarium supplies, at the very best prices possible. With over 20 combined years of aquarium experience, you can trust the team at Nick’s to deliver everything you need for your aquatic friends. Browse our carefully curated collection of products on our online aquarium store today to discover one of the broadest ranges of aquarium cleaning supplies in Australia.

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Keep the algae at bay with Nick’s Pet Needs

At Nick’s Pet Needs, you can easily purchase aquarium scrapers, magnet cleaners and gravel cleaners online today. In our aquarium cleaning section, you can browse an awesome range of budget friendly cleaning supplies!

Going away? Keep your fish fed with help from Nick’s!

Going on a holiday but you’re not sure what to do about your aquarium? Look no further! In Nick’s Automatic Fish Feeders category, you will find everything you need to ensure you’re fish don’t go hungry! From Digital Fish feeders that you load with flake or pellets, to slow release holiday blocks, the team from Nick’s has you covered!

Care to try your hand at Fish Breeding? Look no further!

At Nick’s, we take great pride in our Fish Breeding Supplies category. We have collected an extensive range of products that will suit the budding breeder to the life long expert. With products ranging from Aqua One, Fluval, and the ever sought after Ziss, Nick’s Pet Needs offers the best online prices on Aquarium Breeding Supplies!

Yes! We do provide Fish Nets…. No, not that kind!

An ever neccessary tool for the aquarium keeper, a fish net is useful not only for catching fish! They are a fantastic cleaning tool, whether you’re needing to remove floating debris, the ever hated duckweed, or algae, get a cheap fish net in your online order today!

Parameters, what are they and how do you measure them?

Water parameters are a crucial element of Aquarium Care that is essential to monitor. Whether you’re needing to test pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate or gH, Nick’s Pet Needs is an Online Aquarium Store that has you covered. Offering test strips, and chemical testing products in our water test kit category, the team at Nick’s is ready to provide you with all the tools needed to keep your aquarium parameters in check!

Online Ordering – How does it work?

At Nick’s Pet Needs, we proudly deliver a wide range of Aquarium cleaning and care supplies around Australia paired with the best customer service in the business. Not only will we deliver your pet the best quality products, but we will also work hard to provide their owners with a service they can rely on.

Our online pet supplies can be delivered around Australia — simply place your order online and we can take care of the rest. With minimum order values depending on your location, we can also offer free delivery around the country. No matter where you and your pets are, we can get you the necessary pet supplies.

Nearly all of the products found in the aquarium clean and care category are considered to be a ‘small’ shipping product, and therefore are delivered for minimum freight charges.

Order from Australia’s leading pet supplies store today

At Nick’s Pet Needs, we are here to ensure that the process of buying your pet supplies becomes nothing short of a breeze. Browse the ever-expanding collection of supplies available at Nick’s Pet Needs today.

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Premium Salt Lake Utah Artemia Eggs Shipping = Small

Automatic Fish Feeders

Zoo Med Turtle Matic Auto Feeder


Can be programmed to feed up to 4 times a day with varying food amounts. Shipping = Small


The API Ammonia Test Kit measures ammonia to help you prevent fish loss. Shipping = Small


The API Master Test Kit measures the 4 most important levels in freshwater aquariums quickly and accurately. pH, high range pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. Shipping = Small


Keep track of your aquarium's GH and Kh with this test kit! Shipping = Small


Use the API® NITRATE TEST KIT to ensure that the nitrate levels in your tank are safe and healthy for your fish. Shipping = Small


The API® NITRITE TEST KIT reads nitrite levels quickly and accurately in your tank, and tests parameters from 0 to 5 ppm. Shipping = Small


Measure levels of Nitrite, Nitrate, Carbonate & General Hardness, and pH found in aquarium water. Shipping = Small


Replacement API Test Tubes, ideal for API test kits. Shipping = Small


Equipped with two sponges, a plastic scraper, a plant fork and a long handle Shipping = Small


Equipped with two sponges, a plastic scraper, a plant fork and a long handle Shipping = Small


Equipped with two sponges, a plastic scraper, a plant fork and a long handle Shipping = Small


The automatic feeder can be set to feed up to 5 times a day, and up to 3 portions per feed! Shipping = Small


Aqua One EasyReach Aquarium Tongs are ideal for easy aquarium maintence. Shipping = Small


Aqua One Holiday Fish Food allows your fish to feed while you are away on holidays. Shipping = Small


Clean off the dirt and slime deposits from inside your hoses and filter pipes. Shipping = Small


The Guppy Midi Floating Guppy Breeding box is perfect to give guppy mums and their fry a stress free start. Shipping = Small


The Guppy Mini Floating Guppy Breeding box is perfect to give guppy mums and their fry a stress free start. Shipping = Small


  • Testing Range: 0 - 10.0 ppm
  • Efficiency: up to 60 tests
  • Kit Includes : Colour Chart, Instructions, Test Tube, Regent Solutions A & B
Shipping = Small


Up to 60 tests Nitrate Tests. Shipping = Small