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Kind to the environment and 100% natural, Breeders Choice Cat Litter is designed to offer guilt-free toilet breaks for your cat! Shipping = X-large 1 Shot


Breeders Choice cat litter is uniquely formulated litter pellets made from 99% recycled paper which contain no nasty additives or chemicals. Shipping = Large 1 Shot


The Catsan Cat Toilet Accessories Kitty and Litter Crystals is gel crystals with added freshener for fast acting absorption. Eliminates odours and lasts up to 4 weeks. Shipping = Large


Feline First Crystal Cat Litter features silica crystal that have countless pores to absorb liquid and control odour. Shipping = Large 1 Shot


Made from a premium blend of natural minerals and clay, Feline First Clumping Cat Litter is designed to offer a more pleasant toileting experience for your cat while ensuring an easier cleanup for you. Shipping = Local Pick Up Only


Sticking together to form tight clumps where your cat urinates, this cat litter makes for easy daily scooping. Because clumping litter doesn't need to be replaced every week, all you need to do is scoop out the waste and refill the tray when it gets low. Shipping = Local Pick Up Only


Kat’z Korner is an ideal blend of moisture and odour absorbent ingredients producing an effective and economical cat litter. Shipping = X-Large 1 Shot


The formula contains natural, non-toxic zeolite that effectively absorbs odours and greatly extends the litter life. Shipping = Small