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Max Aquarium Volume: 100L Max Flow Rate: 400L/hr Max Head Height: 0/65m


Max Aquarium Volume: 125L Max Flow Rate: 500L/hr Max Head Height: 1.05m


Max Aquarium Volume: 300L Max Flow Rate: 1200L/hr Max Head Height: 1m


Max Aquarium Volume: 500L Max Flow Rate: 2000L/hr Max Head Height: 2m


Max Aquarium Volume: 625L Max Flow Rate: 2500L/hr Max Head Height: 2.5m


Fitted with a 10m cable, installation is made simple in comparison to other models around


02 Plus Air Blowers from Pond One are specifically designed for outdoor use and are resistant to the perils that extreme weather can throw at them


With high output these are suitable for seriously large ponds or filters to stimulate aerobic activity or simply to add more oxygen to multiple points around the pond.