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When people think about keeping reptiles as pets, they often consider them low-maintenance animals. However, reptiles have specific needs. Reptile owners must shop for reptile products to ensure their health and well-being. Different reptiles need different accessories to survive — from special lighting fixtures to ceramic heat emitters and more.


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When it comes to setting up a habitat for your reptile friend, there are a few things you need that we have:

Heating and lighting — Reptile terrarium thermometers and hygrometers can help you keep track of the temperature and humidity levels in the enclosure. Ceramic heat emitters, reptile globes and reptile thermostats can also be used to create a warm environment for your reptile friend.

Bedding for reptiles — Many bedding or substrate options are available for your reptile’s comfort and privacy, including coco peat, decor stones and coco soil snake bedding. Choosing a safe substrate for your particular reptile species is essential and will hold up well to frequent cleaning. 

Reptile foods — We also carry a wide selection of reptile foods, including live foods, frozen foods and dry foods. Be sure to select food appropriate for your particular reptile species that will provide all the nutrients they need to stay healthy. 

Accessories for reptiles — We have a variety of reptile accessories, including locks for reptile enclosures, heat cords, heat mats, feeding tongs, snake hooks and turtle docks to make caring for your reptile easier.

Reptile health care — Reptile health and safety products include first-aid kits, cleaning supplies and UVB lighting to keep your reptile healthy and free from parasites. With a little planning, you can create a safe and comfortable habitat for your reptilian friend.

Reptile decorations — From hammocks and caves to ornaments and hides, we have everything you need to make your reptile’s home feel like its own heaven. 

Bowls — Our bowls are made from natural materials like wood bark and are hygienic, easy to clean and low maintenance.

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